The CVFI owns several farming implements and pieces of equipment that are available to borrow for a small fee to members. You must be willing to follow our rules and policies around equipment borrowing.


Equipment available for Borrowing:

No-Till 10-foot Drill

$150 minimum charge plus $15/ac

*No fertilizer allowed in the no-till drill

Lime Spreader, $5/ton of lime or chicken manure

  • Aerway 10-foot Harrow – $100/day;
  • Laser Level – $40/day;
  • Measuring Wheel – Free with a $20 deposit;
  • Soil Probe – Free with a $20 deposit.

CVFI Policy on Equipment Borrowing:

As a Famers Institute, we carry liability insurance on all equipment that we own. If you are borrowing equipment, we have certain guidelines and policies that must be adhered to by members as a risk management consideration for both the members and the institute. We reserve the right to refuse rental.


  1. you must be a CVFI member;
  2. you must have ICBC unlicensed farm tractor insurance in place if you are moving equipment on roads with a tractor and have it with you on the tractor when picking up the equipment;
  3. you must have farm truck licence plates – either A (old) or G (new) plates if using a truck to tow equipment;
  4. the weight of your vehicle must be able to handle the weight of the implement you are wanting to tow.


  • CVFI strongly discourages custom work with borrowed CVFI equipment;
  • We strongly recommend that you have your product in your possession before booking equipment. For example, you have the seed ready to go at your home before booking the drill;
  • We reserve the right to refuse rental.