School District 71

At our February 18th 2020 meeting, Serena Allison made a presentation. Serena is the local SD71 outdoor educator and has been tasked with reaching out to the farming community to provide a closer connection to our land, local food, and build relationships with the people who care for and grow it.

The school district is asking if any of our Comox Valley Farmers would be open to sharing their agricultural experience with students from SD71 by offering onsite field trips, in class visits/presentations, or hands on volunteer/service work opportunities. They are seeking connections to farmers who want to share the exciting innovations of 21st century farming as well as reflecting on age old practices that are still in place. 

They are currently developing a data base to share with district teachers through the SD71 EOL-Environmental & Outdoor Learning, website.   

We respect that farming is your priority and recognize those duties do come first.
Please let us know if you are interested in sharing your farming expertise with SD71 students.  To make sure this relationship is a good fit for all parties, please fill in the attached information so we can match and communicate the needs of the farmers and attending classes.

Please return the completed questionnaire to either the CVFI or directly to Serina (contact info in the attached form).