Links to Member Farms and their Products

Kehler Vegetable Company – mixed market farm of vegetables, berries and pasture raised eggs. Farmstand and wholesale order.

Lazo and Tyee Farm Ltd. – Sieffert’s Farm Market

Phone: 250-339-2988

Heart Of The Valley Farms: Breeders of quality purebred Angus cattle for Commercial & Purebred herds; big, small, & in between.

Phone: 250-897-0619

Brugman Farm – Hay Sales

Pieter Brugman: #250-336-2564

Eatmore Sprouts and Greens Ltd. – Certified organic sprouts, greens and veggies (wholesale).

Phone: 250-338-4860

Lloydshaven Holsteins Ltd. – Dairy Farm

We will do farm tours.

Phone: 250-338-8051

Shorewolf Farm -Vegetables, berries, hops

Phone: 250-650-4878

Stonecroft Farm – Turkey, Berries, Lamb, Grain

Phone: 25-337-2040

Lost Savanna Farm – Organic Chicken, Pasture Raised Pork, 100% Grassfed Beef

Phone: 250-202-2729

Nature Tech Nursery – Wholesale perennial food plants, mainly hazelnut trees grown to order, agrology and consulting.


Pattison Farms – Certified Organic Vegetables

Phone: 250-897-2510

Whittaker Cattle Company – Cow-Calf Operation, Local Grass-fed Beef

Phone: 587-879-4245

Tannadice Farms – A&H McWilliam – Beef, Pork, Turkeys

Phone: 250-338-8239 or 250-334-7848

McClintock’s Farm – Water Buffalo yogurt, meat, blueberries, raspberries, u-pick.

Phone: 250-334-4562


Holme Farm – Beef by the side or quarter, small bale hay, round bale silage

Phone: 250-337-5710 or 250-207-6547

DeeKayTee Ranch – Beef, pasture-raised chicken, eggs, agri-tourism accommodation

Phone: 250-337-5553 or 250-337-0108


Discovery Farms – Grass-fed Beef for sale

Phone: 250-203-8587 or 250-830-8869

Rusty Gate Meadows – Hay and Eggs

Phone: 250-331-0503

Ridgewood Farms – Beef and Eggs

Phone: 250-204-3772

Hillcrest Farm – Pork, Beef, Turkey, Wheat, Hay& Straw

Phone: 250-202-3365


The Goat House – Goats, Hemp, Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries

Phone: 250-207-2047 or 587-990-0174

Dennis and Janice Gunter – Gunter Brothers Meat Co. Ltd. – Abbatoir, Meat and Hay Sales

Phone: 250-334-2960
Toll Free: 1-888-593-7773

Clever Crow Farm -Brian and Lia McCormick – leafy greens and veggies, chickens, host chef led cooking demos, and operate a bustling farm store full of culinary delights including herbs, spices and sea salts.

Phone: 250.465.0448

40 Knots Group – fertilizer, growing solutions, wine, pickled grapes, VinoSpa Noble Skincare

Phone: 855-941-8810,

Three Stream Farm – Chicken, Turkey, pork, eggs, garlic, honey

Phone: 250-331-3338

Viewfield Farms – milk/dairy genetics/manure/hay/straw

Email: email –

Seaview Game Farm – Venison, Beef, Seasonal Vegetables, Accommodation

Phone: 250-337-5182

Whitaker Farm – Mixed Market Vegetables, CSA program


Iron River Farm – family owned and operated cranberry farm and fruit wholesaler.

McClintock/Rennison Farms – Beef, Roasters, eggs, hay

Phone: 250-218-0779

Francis O Vineyard – Hay Sales, Lamb

Phone: 250-337-1944

Emerald Holdings Ltd. – Mike and Joanne Doknjas – Hay Sales

Phone: 250 2032-1342

Glen Alwin Farm – grass-fed beef cattle and pasture raised lamb, pork and poultry

Phone: (250) 338-3525

Outback Nursery – retail garden centre but also grow field hedging, specimen trees and blueberries.

Stevenson Family Farms – We produce and sell pasture-fed beef, quality pork and eggs on our beautiful farm in Dove Creek, BC.

Scott Melville – Auctioneer

Green Gate Farm – Beef and flowers

Phone: 250-337-5585

Lentelus Farms – Free-range poultry (eggs, whole chicken, cuts, broth bones)
Free-range pork (sausage, cuts, sides, broth bones)
Free-range beef (ground, cuts, sides, broth bones)
Free-range lamb (cuts, sides, whole)
Handmade sourdough bread
Wildflower honey
Seasonal vegetables
Hand-cut flowers

Vanderosa Farms – Whole or sides of grain finished beef

Ben Vanderhorst

Phone: #250-337-8118

Grassroots Farm – Beef Cattle and Meat sales

Clarence Bouwers

Phone: 250-218-4988